Uhhh, thanks. I guess?

July 28, 2005

This guy kept his amputated foot in a bucket of formaldehyde on his porch. Occasionally he would cut off toes to give to friends as gifts.
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Tee Hee!

July 27, 2005

One month before Microsoft goes live with new security key, hacker in India breaks code, generates keys for free

I Want One Of These!

July 18, 2005


Through the fish eyed lens of tear stained eyes

July 9, 2005

Just saw the Pink Floyd reunion on Live 8.

I had goosebumps.

They are THE ONLY band I would ever pay big bucks to see live.

I can only hope.

Bitch Stole My Fish!

July 6, 2005

I itch!

July 5, 2005

Someone please tell me what purpose mosquitos serve in God’s great plan?