Saving the world aint easy

When I found out my jeans where made by children in sweatshops
I wrote all the stores that carried the brand and said to stop supporting
the companies that used child labor in sweatshops, but I just kept getting
letters back with coupons for discounts on more jeans. So I’m telling my
friend and she points out that between the envelope and coupons, some
paper company has cut down a small forest killing thousands of plant
species that may even contain a vaccine for AIDS. Meanwhile the guys
cutting down the trees are 13 year old kids that have to work night and
day to pay for a pair of jeans made in sweatshops.

I heard about this company that dumps toxins into the local rivers, and I called their executives to say “Stop!”, but they where too busy counting their profits while the rivers where being destroyed, birds and fish where dying, and the local kids where getting cancer. So I organized a huge protest and I actually got the company shut down. But now half the town is unemployed and the kids are twice as sick since they can’t get healthcare since their parents lost their insurance from the company they worked for that dumped the toxins in the first place

Blood Saves!


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  1. Puru says:

    Thanks for the insight Jeff. I quoted you on my blog for your edit!

    Looking forward to more insights from you in future.

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