Know What I Mean, Vern?

Here is the stock reply my wife and I both received from our congressman Vern Ehlers regarding the emails we sent earlier pleading to to start helping victims of the hurricane:

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me about Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing relief efforts. I certainly appreciate your comments.

What has happened to the individuals and families in the affected area is truly a travesty. I feel for those who have lost their loved ones and extend my personal sympathy and prayers. The President asked Congress to consider a disaster relief package of $10.5 billion dollars for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This relief package passed on September 2, 2005 and is on its way to help the devastated areas and people. I am hopeful that we are doing everything possible as quickly as possible to help the people who are in so much need. Our first priority must be to get to the people and ensure their safety. There is no question that the situation is an enormous challenge and we must get this aid to the areas in need as quickly as possible.

While I believe this aid will help, I encourage all Americans to do more. There are many reputable charitable organizations providing assistance. I urge you to visit my website where I have posted organizations accepting relief aid: More information on donating aid can be found on the FEMA website at: Former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton have recommended making donations through USA Freedom Corps, which you can access on the internet at: Up-to-date information can also be found on the White House website at:


Vernon J. Ehlers
Member of Congres

My Reply:

Dear Congressman Ehlers,

Although I don’t doubt your sincerity, I think it is arrogant to “encourage all Americans to do more” while our president and congress sit on their hands and look for someone to blame rather getting the job done.

Maybe if our president was more interested in helping save lives than extending his vacation a few more days and getting in a few more games of golf, this wouldn’t haven’t been an issue.

Enough talking. Enough press conferences. Enough passing the buck.

As the old saying goes,if you’re not busy, grab a fucking broom.

Registered Voter
Jeff Yonker


One Response to Know What I Mean, Vern?

  1. And I believe he meant tragedy, not travesty (though it may be that as well).

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