Mr T, Will Get You There

MSNBC says that Mr. T has been signed to deliver celebrity voice content for mobile GPS navigation systems. He will replace the computer generated voice typically provided and guide the driver with basic instructions such as “turn left”, the difference being he’ll add, “I aint playin” and then threaten you. Seriously. Other commands include “Pay attention to what I’m saying,” and “Mr. T gonna get you there in one piece … you gonna be there safely, or else!” Make no mistake about it, if you don’t pay attention and drive carefully, Mr. T will kick your ass. He’s not joking. A GPS that screams at you to drive safely while you search for street signs might actually cause more accidents than it prevents, but, still, awesome right.

Burt Reynolds and Dennis Hopper have also signed on to provide directions, and you can hear T scream at you to pay attention and keep him cool here.


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