Cookie Monster Metal!

Death-metal vocalizing is also known as Cookie Monster singing, if not in tribute to, at least in acknowledgment of, the “Sesame Street” puppet that blurts in a guttural growl, his words discharged so rapidly that they tend to collide with each other.

Most death-metal vocalists don’t seem to mind the term. “We think it’s funny,” said Angela Gussow, lead singer for the Swedish band Arch Enemy and one of the few female death-metal vocalists. “We take ourselves too seriously.”

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One Response to Cookie Monster Metal!

  1. QT says:

    Hey there, QT here!

    I agree with the cookie monster thing, but you gotta admit, cookie monster singing beats the pants off Elmo singing…

    la la la la, la la la la,

    When you get a chance, check this out…

    Funny stuff!

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