Mr. Burger VS. Taco Boy

Here in G.R. we have 2 fast food restaurants named “Mr. Burger” and “Taco Boy”.

It has often become the debate as to which of the 2 would win if they were to fight. Here’s the tale of the tape, so to speak.

Mr. Burger
Taco Boy
First Name = Vito First Name = Pepe’
Hometown = Trenton N.J. Hometown = South Central L.A.
Favorite color = Puce Favorite Color = Blood Red
Idol = Tony Soprano Idol = Snoop Dogg
Older – More life experience Younger – Greenhorn
Learned to fight the old fashioned way – Father made him "strap the gloves on" and "be a man – not a pussy!" From the streets – Member of gang – He’ll "Cut You" !
Bleeds easily – What you see is what you get Cries easily – Hard on the outside, soft on the inside
Job: Waste Management Job: Event Planner
Fighting Style: Won’t see him coming until it’s too late – Uses sheer brute force. Fighting Style: Uses any available weapon and distracts you while his friends jump you from behind
Pickles Tomatoes

One Response to Mr. Burger VS. Taco Boy

  1. A Fan says:

    Finally! This debate has been raging for years and it’s refreshing to see this discussion finally hit the web.

    Mr. Burger obviously is bigger and stronger than Taco Boy. He could knock Taco Boy out with one punch. HOWEVER – Taco Boy is faster, more agile and deceptively strong.

    One day a battle will take place to settle this debate for the ages. Until then, the debate continues.

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