Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

OK, so I’ve been doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in my line of work for several years. It’s a strange dance we developers have to do because just as you get the hang of it, Google goes and changes their algorithm and what used to work now doesn’t.

However, that is the easy part.

Getting clients to not only understand the necessity of SEO but the benefits can be a real challenge. It usually involves a hefty education type meeting with me throwing around acronyms and terms they’ve never heard of. Most clients that make it through the informational meeting usually will see the benefits and sign on. I’ve had great results with several clients and they now understand about google page ranking, link sharing, content richness and other organic SEO techniques that they can start to be proactive when writing copy and creating new content.

I cam across this SEO Glossary that explains allot of the acronyms and wording relating to Search Marketing extremely well. This comprehensive list is not only great to send my clients to; I even learned a thing or two.

Whose ever heard of the “Google Death Penalty“?


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