New Dreamweaver 8 is out

So if you do any type of web development you have either heard of or chances are use Dreamweaver. Now owned by Adobe it was originally Macromedia’s lfagship web development tool. I have used it since it’s inception. And have continued to like the direction and features they have added over the years. Even though I can code in my sleep with just a text editor, there are some automated thing inside of Dreamweaver that keep me coming back to it, especially if you jump back and forth between Flash and Fireworks.

The newest version 8 has added more support for CSS and Flash integration. It is also easier to integrate XML information along with RSS support. All the CSS functionality is consolidated into one panel set and enhanced to make working with CSS easier and more productive. The new interface makes it easier to see the cascade of styles applied to a specific element and easily identify where attributes are defined. A property grid allows for quick edits.

I taught a web development class using Dreamweaver at the local community college in kazoo for several years and it was exciting to be able to show people with absolutely no knowledge of HTML, that they could in fact do web programming themselves albiet on a very basic level. I would highly reccomend for anyone who needs to learn a new application, brush up on their skills or advance their knowledge to consider the benefits of instructor-led training. You will learn quicker and more efiiciently what can be done with this product. If you are in or around London, this is a great place to get training not only on Dreamweaver but also Excel training or any MS products. In the states there are several places including my old pals in Chicago.


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