Don’t Mess With Texas………Hold Em

Okay so I forgot to write about the big Apple event last week, but one of the cool things they released is games that you can now get for your iPod. These are actually pretty cool, look great and play well with a click wheel. One of the games that hey have is Texas hold Em poker. Now, if you are really into Hold Em, this game is not going to quell yer need for either the real thing or an online site like Party Poker (which is rumored to be coming out on Mac!). The iPod game though is great for when you’re in a car or shopping for pumps with yer wife (you know what I’m getting at).

Also, if you are into Hold Em, and yer on a Mac, there is a cool site called that has tons of great links, articles and reviews of MAC texas Hold Em news.

They’ve even got a list of all the online rooms that support Macs, so you can lose all yer cash to an 18 year old economics major from Des Moines Community College.

I’ll take Vegas – at least i can get a lap dance afterwards………….oh Hi Honey…………..I meant a smoothie……………….

Damn, on the couch again.


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