To Steal Or Not To Steal

In an article published today it say that 33% of all iPod owners are STEALING their music.

So Fucking What?

Do I steal music? I don’t think so. I but occasionally from iTunes but still find it a bit overpriced at $0.99/song. I still use, the russian site that allows you to pay per MB versus song. I can get an entire album for $1.50. Does the artist still get paid. Yup, maybe not as much as in the states, but thats the record companies fault. Most artists get paid jack for their music anyways, and the ones that do get a decent royalty, don’t need it – ya hear me Britney? Everytime I hear about her wasting $300,000 on a fucking diamond necklace for her DOG, while unsigned hard working underground bands are working and touring their asses off just to try and sell a few records, It makes me just want to steal her music more (okay, so I don’t actually listen to Britney Spears – but you get the point).

In fact, I buy MORE music because I CAN get it for cheap. Example, I heard a song on the radio I liked. If I had went to iTunes music store, I would have just bought the one song, but instead I bought the whole album for $1.15 through Guess what? I liked it so much I went back and bout 2 more of their albums. And guess what? I bought 2 tickets to go see them in concert next month when they are in town. And guess what? ‘ll probably by a concert shirt. – You get where I’m going with this?

The band would probably have mad MAYBE $0.15 through iTunes Music Store. But instead, they may have only made $0.15 on the whole album through the russian site, BUT I bought 2 more and am going to spend more at the concert. AND THAT IS WHERE THE REAL MONEY IS FOR BANDS!

The bands that understand realize that they work for tips!

The record industry has raped the artist for years, and now that we’ve figured out a way to get around their scams – they are freaking out. GOOD!

BTW, I usually pay full price for local and independant music releases through indy labels and distributors.

Okay, the soapbox is official vacant now.


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