Yeah Elton, Those iPods Sure Are Silly!

On Tuesday’s Tonight Show, Elton John told Jay Leno that he thinks iPods are “silly” and that he would prefer to buy a CD so he can listen to an entire album at a time:

“I don’t have a silly iPod. I like to go buy the whole artist’s work. If I’m going to watch My Name is Earl [in reference to the fact that the show’s star, Jason Lee, was sitting next to him], I’m not going to just go and watch one program, I’m going to watch the DVD of the first series, and I’m going to watch the whole thing together.”

Elton appeared to be criticizing the act of downloading a single song instead of a full album, perhaps unaware of the fact that many iPod users do in fact download full albums through the iTunes Store and listen to them in their entirety on their iPods.

Despite his apparent distaste for the iPod, Elton qualified his remarks by saying that “I’m not opposed to it, it’s just not my thing,” and this is evidenced by the fact that he has made most or all of his catalog available through the iTunes Store.

What a tool


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