This device is not for copying movies?

Heres another product by Epiphan Systems.
VGA Recorder Pro provides a simple, innovative means for users to simultaneously record VGA, Video and Audio Signals into a single .avi file. But it’s not to be used for copying movies.

Unlike VCR’s, this device allows you to record both Audio and Video for any VGA output without any loss in quality and at 100% resolution. You can also seamlessly switch between multiple VGA signals without interrupting the video and/or audio recording.
But by all means, do not use this for copying movies.

The device would be great for capturing live video feeds or teleconferences, or even animations.

Actually at a price tag of $ 7,999.95, you could buy a whole lot of DVD’s at Wal-Mart!

VGA Recorder PRO. Technical Specifications.


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