VGA Screen Grabber

Ever have a need to capture a presentation you’re giving?
How about an online training presentation to a large group?
Maybe even just documenting procedures on your computer?

Epiphan Systems has come up with this nifty little device called VGA2USB thatis a VGA screengrabber. It allows you to capyure any VGA signal to a series of images or movies to your desktop via high speed USB 2.0. What makes this different is that its only the size of a deck of cards. It worked perfect for my need. I had a software training session where a rep was teaching us how to use the software via a WebX presentation. We needed to record this for several absent employess and this little device worked great!

Oh, and although I guess it’s possible, it’s not intended for capturing or copying movies, so don’t say you heard it from me

Click here for VGA2USB Technical Specifications


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