A Bag Full Of Butts

The Guys over at TechCrunch.com produced a podcast of the interview with PayPerPost.com’s Ted Murphy and Josh Stein.
Once again, their biased, condesending interviewing where on the verge of insulting. Why these guys hate PayPerPost so much is beyond me. I understand all the ethical reasons, but they fail to see that the bloggers are all individuals with alot of creativity and ideals. Most of the PPP bloggers, myself included, only blog about opportunities that we believe in or have tried out personally.

In his podcast, and elsewhere, Michael Arrington has sited that his one big dilema with PP is “if someone is taking money to write about a specific product or company or whatever, particulary if their not disclosing that they are taking money to do that, that this is unethical”

Hey Butt Munch, it happens everywhere.

And again, the people are smart enough to filter that information, and the bloggers are smart enough not to blog about it if they feel strongly about it.


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