Check out this Ass!

This guy Jason over at (no I WON’T link it, wait, well ok, yeah I will) is spewing about PPP and how evil it is.
I guess thats his right to do so.

But Evil? Geeesh!

What’s with this trend of ill-informed Jackasses who are allowed to spew untrue slander without really understanding what they are talking about? I hear it all the time on conservative radio, and it seems to trickle down everywhere, including unfortunately the web.

I guess his biggest issue is the fact that most bloggers don’t disclose their paid posts from their non-paid posts. Big F’n deal! Oh and as you know if you read my blog – I DO DISCLOSE – AND I ONLY BLOG ABOUT THINGS I SUPPORT! I turn down opps all the time because it A: dosen’t interest me or B: Is shit!

I’m not gonna reccomend something if it’s shit.

Oh and how about the fact that there is a checkbox within PPP that allows you to send your post profit to a charity?

Blog Advertising!.Evil my ass. Bite me.


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