The Fat Lady Has Sung!

Both actually (see picture) and figuratively (see below):

CBGB hosted its final concert Sunday night after a 33-year residence in downtown New York as the iconic, grungy bastion of punk.

The concert, headlined by rock poet Patti Smith, and a featured guest appearance by Blondie was to be the final note sounded in a drawn-out battle to preserve the legendary club. A homeless advocacy group that owns the property, the Bowery Residents Committee, is not renewing CBGB’s lease, which expired in August 2005. The club will close Oct. 31.

The club’s run may be ending at its Manhattan location, but it will continue in different ways, Smith said.

“CBGB’s is a state of mind,” she said at pre-show news conference. “The new kids have to have their own places.”

CBGB’s closure has prompted protests, tributes and vigils for more than a year – a cycle ended when CBGB’s owner, Hilly Kristal, gave up his legal fight to stay.


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