1 Sheet Of Paper Experiment

So, if you havent seen these email picture going around, they are a series of paper creations made with a single piece of paper. The entire series can be seen here if you haven’t been already bombarded with it in your email by all your office buddies.

Thus the basis of my experiment.

I have taken the pictures and added a small banner with my blogs URL on every picture. I am going to send these out to a select group of people to hopefully see how quickly they travel and propigate.

If you’ve arrived here via the banner on an image – please leaave me a comment and let me know who sent it to you.


One Response to 1 Sheet Of Paper Experiment

  1. Jules in SF says:

    I came across your blog via google:
    got the 1 sheet of paper email a couple of days ago (without your url tag) and just wanted to find out more about the paper project. Your url is the first one coming up when you google ” 1 sheet of paper ” …

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