Michigan Gubernatorial After Party

Like so many others I watched the gubernatorial debates of Dick DeVos and Jennifer Granholm. Later that night I was at a local bar and in walked Dick DeVos. I asked if he woud like to join us. He said that he would be happy to but it would work like this, I woud buy two drinks and give him one, then I would have to get two of my friends to buy two drinks and they would each give me one and I would pass one of those up to him, then they would get two of their friends and so on.

Well, not happy with the “plan” and noticing that Jennnifer Granholm had also walked into the bar, we decided to ask Jenny if she wanted to join us. She said that she was worried about how well we could hold our liquor and didn’t want to be with a bunch of lightweights. I said “Lightweights, What are you talking about?” and Granholm said “I’ve seen it before, we all go out… and in five beers you’re gonna be blown away!”

Guess you kinda gotta live in Michigan to get the joke.


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