So The Chaos Begins!

As many of you might know, I live in Grand Rapids Michigan, and we are in the worlds spotlight today and tommorow as our former president and G.R. native Gerald R. Ford is laid to rest on the lawns of his museum here. This is a pretty big deal for our little city and the preparations are incredible.

An expected 600,000+ people will be converging downtown just a couple blocks from where I work today and tommorow. Already, roads are being blocked off, restaurants/hotels are full and newspeople carrying clipboards, cameras and microphones are everywhere, not to mention Pearl Street is closed down and full of about 40 sattelite trucks.

My son and I went down to the museum yesterday to see the make shift memorial at the museums entrance and where told that they would be performing a full dress rehersal. So we got to watch the colorguard, band, and even an empty casket being broght in just as it will be tommorow. My son even got interviewed by a Lansing TV station because of his cub scout connection with Fords eagle scout accomplishment.

As of writing this, a squadron of F-15’s just flew over setting off car alarms and rattling windows. The president will be flying in on Air Force II shortly and the plane will most likely fly right over my house.
The kids arent terribly impressed although I am trying to make an effort to have them stop for 5 minutes and pay attention to this piece of histroy in their own backyard.

More tommorow as the funeral presession rolls right infront of my office.


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