The crazy world of viral videos?

By now you’ve heard of the trick of putting Mentos into a 2 litre of Diet Coke? You’ve most likely seen the video below of 2 guys and their Venitian-esqe water show (you should have, it’s been viwed over 10 million times).

The cool thing about this video, is that it has boosted the sales of Mento’s by 15%. The Mento’s people couldn’t be happier and have in fact hired these guys to do more videos, and placed them on their website. They see the benefit of viral videos and are using it to their advantage. On the flip side, Coke put out some boring corprate speak press release that said something to the effect of “We encourage people to use our products responsibly and in the intended manner.”… blah blah blah – you get the point.

Although coke dosen’t necessarily need this video to boost it’s brand awareness, and some might even argue that it could hurt it, the fact is that viral videos are now having huge impacts on marketing and advertising campaigns.

Just last week there was another you tube video that had become viral.

I gotta admit that I was fooled on this. Even though I thought it was a bit fishy (mostly because I couldn’t believe there are people this materialistic), I chalked it up as genuine and just a poor reflection on our youth.

Then I find out this weekend that it’s part of a new promotion for Domino’s “$9.99 Anything Goes” promotion. They are offering any topping pizzas for $9.99 and giving away cars and other stuff through a partnership with ebay.

The luck person was able to “Buy It Now” for $9.99


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