Wanna make 1 G?

February 26, 2007

OK, so here I go again.

The blog ad networkPayperPost.com is getting to be much more profitable. When I first stated using the service that pays you to blog, the blogging opportunities where ranging from $6 up to $20 per post with and average of $8-$10. Still pretty good. I was able to easily make 430 or more for a half hours work every day.

I’ve been consistently doing this and it’s paid off and has made me blog more in the long run. It’s meant that YOU are getting more content here at chonksworld.

Well, it seems that lately the opportunities have been getting better and the the payments even larger. They now have several post for $100 or more and even one for $1000. Now granted the higher paying ones need you to have a blog with a higher Google pagerank, but hell, that’s enough incentive for me to keep blogging and pushing up my ranking. I could be there very soon.

PPP only charges the advertisers 35% versus other sites like ReviewMe that charge 100%. Hat means YOU get more money and the advertiser gets a better deal also. It just makes sense for
High traffic and lower traffic bloggers alike.

I gots mine! You better yours!


Matchstick Yuke

February 26, 2007

Man devotes life to making guitars out of 10,000 matchsticks in 400 Hours

Construction was completed in four hundred hours…working five hours per day. Matchsticks for the curved portions of the ukulele were pre-soaked and bent, and the glued-together sections were weighted into shape with the aid of flat-irons, fire bricks and pans of water.

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Electric Car Update

February 26, 2007

This is why major carmakers seem to be dragging their feet on batteries

Written by a blogger with 20+ years in the auto industry, this clever, descriptive post looks at the issues holding back sweet cars like the Tesla Roadster from being within everyone’s budget, and why it will still take many years for electric cars (like the Chevy Volt) to be a legitimate option for major auto manufacturers. Edumacate yourself.

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New PPP Promotion.

February 26, 2007

So this company that pays me for my blogsPayperPost.com – has got some new promotion coming up. Just so happens i have a little insider info on it.

It seems that the creators of the popular site have decided to sell the company to a small venture capitalist firm that resides on a small island in the pacific (the Isle Of Lucy). It’s been reported that the selling price is well above what YouTube went for and the PPP gang are all currently sunning themselves in jamaica drinking margaritas with no salt (I said No Salt – I’ll put strychnine in the guaccamole!)

The new company has decided to harness the excellant blogging abilitites of their newly purchased “Postie Patrol” to talk up their online animal husbandry and small engine repair website. They hope that their rise in search engine placings will bring forth new revenue fields and help them grow their other burgeoning business ventures: Beepers and Baby On Board static window stickers.

This is all currently under FTC approval and is suspected to become public within 30 days, so, you ddn’t hear it from me, but I’d be looking at uying-bay ome-say ock-stay oon-say – go ti?

I could be wrong though

So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star?

February 26, 2007

Well then listen closely to what I say.


yeah, I know you won’t listen. I didn’t. But the music world is alot different than it was – some for the better (the internet) and most for the worst. I’ve talked before on the subject, and ranted about the state of the music biz before.

However, If your still not disuaded, here a a great site called the “Indie Band Survival Guide“. It’s written from the bands perspective and is quite dead on. A great resource and a must read for anyone in the “Biz”.


February 26, 2007



February 26, 2007