Museum With The Really Long Name

…or so my kids refer to it by.

This weekend we went to Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum in farmington Michigan. The museum, or more appropriately  arcade, is conspicuously sandwiched in between store in a strip mall.

The museum is owned and operated by Marvin Yagoda, a 60-year old pharmacist, and claims it is a hobby that has gone out of control. Marvin has collect hundreds (and quite possibly thousands) of arcade games, sideshow posters, neon signs, sideshow artifacts and old vintage arcade machines and has them not only all on display, but working. The fare is usually 25 cents, but some are only a dime, nickel or even a penny.

Displays hang from every corner of the ceiling, posters adorn every inch of wall, and the overload of lights, bells and carnival-like attractions could set even the sanest into a stimuli induced seizure. There is even a snack counter and the ticket dispensing games like skee-ball.

One of the more disturbing coinop oddities on display is “Dr. BingenPurge”, which shows a quite realistic mannequin of an old man smiling at you behind a bucket of empty booze bottles. For 50 cents the doctor (and what he’s a doctor of I have no idea) rocks back and forth and then throws up his lunch which is obvious the contents of the booze bottles before him. Good family fun! There is also the animated diorama of the spanish inquisition feature tiny slaves being flogged and prodded with red hot pokers. Yet another has you putting your hand through a hole only to have The Great ChopAndOff guillotining your hand to spurting blood. Although slightly disturbing, none of the displays are more horrifying than a Saturday cartoon nowadays.

I also saw several machines “in the wings” in stages of repair which means that the fare is constantly changing making it an attraction to come back for. We had a blast. You can even have your birthday parties here.

Click here for more photos, or here for more information.


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