New PPP Promotion.

So this company that pays me for my – has got some new promotion coming up. Just so happens i have a little insider info on it.

It seems that the creators of the popular site have decided to sell the company to a small venture capitalist firm that resides on a small island in the pacific (the Isle Of Lucy). It’s been reported that the selling price is well above what YouTube went for and the PPP gang are all currently sunning themselves in jamaica drinking margaritas with no salt (I said No Salt – I’ll put strychnine in the guaccamole!)

The new company has decided to harness the excellant blogging abilitites of their newly purchased “Postie Patrol” to talk up their online animal husbandry and small engine repair website. They hope that their rise in search engine placings will bring forth new revenue fields and help them grow their other burgeoning business ventures: Beepers and Baby On Board static window stickers.

This is all currently under FTC approval and is suspected to become public within 30 days, so, you ddn’t hear it from me, but I’d be looking at uying-bay ome-say ock-stay oon-say – go ti?

I could be wrong though


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