Wanna make 1 G?

OK, so here I go again.

The blog ad networkPayperPost.com is getting to be much more profitable. When I first stated using the service that pays you to blog, the blogging opportunities where ranging from $6 up to $20 per post with and average of $8-$10. Still pretty good. I was able to easily make 430 or more for a half hours work every day.

I’ve been consistently doing this and it’s paid off and has made me blog more in the long run. It’s meant that YOU are getting more content here at chonksworld.

Well, it seems that lately the opportunities have been getting better and the the payments even larger. They now have several post for $100 or more and even one for $1000. Now granted the higher paying ones need you to have a blog with a higher Google pagerank, but hell, that’s enough incentive for me to keep blogging and pushing up my ranking. I could be there very soon.

PPP only charges the advertisers 35% versus other sites like ReviewMe that charge 100%. Hat means YOU get more money and the advertiser gets a better deal also. It just makes sense for
High traffic and lower traffic bloggers alike.

I gots mine! You better yours!


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