Australia to Ban Sale of Incandescent Light Bulbs

February 20, 2007

The Australian government today announced they will be phasing in a ban on incandescent light bulbs, over the next three years. Householders replacing them with compact fluorescent bulbs are expected to save $30 per year, while Australia reduces its per annum CO2 emissions by up 4 million tonnes.

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Guitar Hero comes to the Wii!

February 8, 2007

That’s right, Guitar Hero on the Wii! The announcement has been transcribed from the Activision conference call from Wednesday. Straight from CEO Mike Griffith’s mouth also!

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February 2, 2007


January 29, 2007

Take That RIAA!*

January 11, 2007

*(or “I told you so”)

ESSEX FAUX-ROCKERS Koopa may well become the first ever unsigned group to score a place in the UK top 40 chart, thanks to recent alterations in the chart rules to include digital single sales even if no CD version is available.

The band’s single “Blag, Steal and Borrow” – which is only available for download – looks like it could hit the top 40 this Sunday according to early sales figures, reports the BBC.

Koopa seem pretty chuffed with the new chart rules: “It does give hope for genuine talent,” said singer and bassist Joe Murphy. “You can release a song and if you’ve got the fanbase and people buy it, you’ll get into the charts – it’s great.” He reckons that other unsigned bands will be taking advantage of the new rules too, which could redefine the way chart music is as a whole.

Some Hands-On Time With the iPhone

January 10, 2007

So yesterday was Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld, and although the debut of the Apple iPhone is incrediable, I was a little let down at the end that there was nothing to rush to the store and buy. It was also 2 hours long and featured basically 1 product.

But that product is pretty freakin awesome!

NYT writer and Apple fan boy David Pogue had a chance to sit down with Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller for an hour and use the Apple iPhone. Although there are a few minor things he dislikes, he overall appears to love it. It can’t be June soon enough.

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Macworld San Francisco 2007 Rumor Roundup

January 2, 2007

With Macworld San Francisco (MWSF) quickly approaching, MacRumors provides this Rumor Roundup as a summary of major rumors circulating around the Mac Web before the big event.

While Apple’s popularity continues to rise, the media coverage for Apple rumors reached an all time high this year.

  • Apple Phone (or Not?)
  • Mac Pro
  • iTV
  • Leopard
  • New Displays
  • iLife ’07
  • Video iPod, and Others?

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