February 26, 2007



Sleep Apnia

February 20, 2007

Sleep Apnia is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. These episodes, called apneas (literally, “without breath”), each last long enough so one or more breaths are missed, and occur repeatedly throughout sleep.

Apnea is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition that is far more common than generally understood. There are two types of sleep apnea: central and obstructive. Obstructive sleep apnea is far more common and occurs when air cannot flow into or out of the person’s nose or mouth although efforts to breathe continue.

Luckily there are several easy remedies.

The Salton Sea

February 20, 2007

The Salton Sea is an inland saline lake, located in the Colorado Desert in Southern California, north of the Imperial Valley. The lake covers a surface area of approximately 376 square miles making it the largest lake in California.

The creation of Salton Sea of today started in 1905, when heavy rainfall and snowmelt caused the Colorado River to swell and breach an Imperial Valley dike. It took nearly two years to control the Colorado River’s flow into the formerly dry Salton Sink and stop the flooding and the water instantly created a rival to Lake Tahoe, where Angelenos & San Diegans could go for sportsfishing & recreational waterboating, etc.

The place thrived, and by the 1950s was a booming resort with several surrounding cities. Unfortunately, the unnatural existence of the lake, with no real inflow & no real drainage eventually led to trouble – what water that does flow in from farm irrigation, etc, arrives with a reasonable measure of salinity & a reasonable measure of toxicity (pesticides, etc). What water that exits does so via evaporation, which takes the water, but none of the salt or poison. So every year, the water that remains gets saltier, and more toxic.

In the mid 1970s, things went south, and by the 1990s the whole area was largely abandoned. A series of fishkills had lined the beaches with tens of thousands of dead fish, even as the government restocked with hardier species like tilapia.

The future of the Salton Sea is unclear, as intervention is required to manage the increasingly unstable system. Such intervention would require massive policy and financial commitments from the state and federal governments.

Meanwhile, the entire area has become predominantly known for being a haven for societal outcasts, methamphetamine makers & users, and the very poor. Along with some crazy sites and groups, including Salavation Mountain and the Cabazon Dinosaurs. When they say “There is somethng in the water” they mean it here.

Here is a great pictorial tour of the Salton Sea

Australia to Ban Sale of Incandescent Light Bulbs

February 20, 2007

The Australian government today announced they will be phasing in a ban on incandescent light bulbs, over the next three years. Householders replacing them with compact fluorescent bulbs are expected to save $30 per year, while Australia reduces its per annum CO2 emissions by up 4 million tonnes.

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Review My Blog

February 19, 2007

Many of you faithfull readers know that I participate in a program/website called PayPerPost.com. It’s a site that pays me to blog about items or sites that I would probably blog about anyways.

You might also be the person who dosen’t want to “taint” their blogs with paid posts. Well, OK, I don’t agree but whatever.

Well PayPerPost now has a new program for those of you who don’t want to do the paid posting thing. It’s called Review My Post and it’s a small badge (scroll down and you’ll see em) that you put on your blog posts similar to a say “Digg This” and the program pays you every time someone signs up and reviews a post on your blog.

Boom. Simple. Done.

The other cool thing is that the person who signs up and reviews the post can ALSO make some cash too. And I’m not talking pennies but rather $7.50 per signup.

If you have a blog, and even if you only seldomly write, you should consider PayPerPost. It’s pretty painless and I have made a buttload of cash writing simple blog ads. It’s also helped boost my blog ratings and forced me to write more.

Allright, I’m done. I need to do this once every few months.

Mummy found watching TV

February 19, 2007

Vincenzo Ricardo, 70, of Long Island, was found dead and “mummified” in front of his TV. Apparently he had passed away more than a year ago. Ricardo should not be confused with Johannas Pope who was discovered in a similar situation almost a year ago exactly. From the Associated Press:

“You could see his face. He still had hair on his head,” Newsday quoted morgue assistant Jeff Bacchus as saying. The home’s low humidity had preserved the body. Officials could not explain why the electricity had not been turned off, considering Ricardo had not been heard from since December 2005.

Unsigned Bands Site

February 19, 2007

So this site has been around for a while. And you know my opinion of the music industry right? Well, say your in a New-Wave Band and actually WANT to try and get signed, this site allows you to set up an account ala myspace, and not only publish your music independently but also supposedly solicit it to label.

You can set up listening groups and also browse for unsigned artists to listen to and “Discover”. That latter part I think is great, and I think most bands should market themselves with these type of sites and NOT worry about career ending “Major Labels”.

M-Kay, soapbox is vacant.